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Delivery Cost


Step 1: Input your pickup location(location of  the store or restaurant you want to order from/where you want the rider to pickup the item ) and drop-off location(Your Location/the delivery location ) in the map  and click on the “FIND DIRECTION BUTTON” to see the estimated distance value.The distance will be displayed right beneath it,say 200m/300m.400m,etc.

Step 2: Input the distance you got from the map in  the delivery calculator beneath the map.(Note:Beneath the map,there’s a calculator that automatically displays the  delivery fee,when you input the distance you got from the map)

NOTE: 1.An additional charge of Gh 1.00 is charged on all orders placed  on a raining day.

2.Free Delivery For All Orders Above Gh150.00

Kindly use the map to estimate the distance between the pick up location and the delivery location. Compare the distance to that of the delivery cost table below, in order to arrive at the estimated cost of delivery.

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Cost Of Delivery Notice

please click the link below to check the cost of delivery before placing an order.

Delivery Cost