Two KNUST Students Transforming The Way People Order Food Through Digitization

Two KNUST Students Transforming The Way People Order Food Through Digitization

Ealivery Ghana jobs

Ealivery Gh Delivery Service was recently launched In Knust to revolutionize the way you buy food on campus.


Pay as low as 1gh for deliveries.
The new on-campus Delivery Service startup “Ealivery Gh” launched it’s online delivery service which promises an affordable and fast delivery service. You can now order from multiple restaurants on campus with just a click.

The recent fast growing on-demand delivery startup “Ealivery Gh” foundered by two undergraduate of KNUST, Mr.Theophilus Kwofie and Ms.Samuella Adobea Akuffo are gradually transforming the way people order food,shop for groceries and run errands.

In an interview, Ms.Samuella Adobea Akuffo explained why they started this start-up:
“Our story began when I and Mr. Kwofie Theophilus moved to the university to pursue our undergraduate Degree program but were surprise to find out that it was nearly impossible to get items from close by shops delivered to you at a low fee. We then made it our personal mission to bring shops/stores both far and near closer to their customers.
Today, more than 70 percent of our business is food, followed by groceries,and courier ,” “Our vision is to provide an affordable(low cost),reliable and first class service to our customers within the shortest possible time,using advanced Technology” and we want to expand into other areas beyond delivery (services, reservations, etc) soon”.adds Ms.Samuella .

Founded in August 2019,Ealivery offers a ‘shop on your behalf’ service that promises to let you order anything locally on-demand and have it delivered “within minutes”. This includes food items — the startup is known for its fast and reliable service — and non-takeout food and other verticals, such as groceries and laundry delivery.The fast-growing startup claims 30 associated partners, and promise to partner with more stores. It currently operates in Kumasi Ghana, specifically knust and it’s environs.
The startup said; they aspire to list about 500 vendors on the site in the next 2 months.This,they said, will help give customers alot more options to choose from.

Ealivery currently offers 3 main services: food delivery, grocery delivery & errand service.
“In a few minutes, Ealivery application users in Ghana can order essential products that make their daily life more pleasant: groceries, meals, flowers, bread, pastries, treats, gifts, and even mail and documents,” says a press release by the startup.
The start-up promises to serve customers like a King or Queen.
Relax and let Ealivery treat you like a King/Queen.
Using the Ealivery platform:
What can I order?
You can buy and receive products as well as order for an Eaglet to run an errand for you within your city. Want us to go to the boutique for you? Need to buy groceries? Want something to eat? Need to ship a package? Forgot your pen or book at home… again?Then Ealivery is the right choice for you. Anything you want, delivered in a matter of minutes right at your door step. You can order anything except for the items listed and specified in our terms and conditions.
What type of vehicles do Eaglets (couriers) use for delivery? And How big can my orders be?

Eaglets use motorcycles or bicycle depending on the distance. We deliver whatever you want, as long as it’s less 10 kg and fits in a box sized 40x40x30 cm. Why should I use Ealivery?
Ealivery offers 6 primary value proposition : 1.Accessibility 2.Convenience
3.Low price
5.Reduction of risk
Do you feel like eating your favorite food but have no time to cook? No time for running errands? Are you cooking but short of salt? Just ask for whatever you want and Ealivery will deliver whenever you want. From food to groceries, presents or snacks, Ealivery delivers anything in your city … Just order, they will deliver!

Visit: to place your order.
Facebook: @ealivery
WhatsApp: +2335478673 77

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