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The system is set up to better satisfy the needs of waiting customers and help restaurants and shop owners, more efficiently manage wait lists and reservations.

The system is set up to better satisfy the needs of waiting customers and help restaurants and shop owners, more efficiently manage wait lists and reservations.

Using Ealivery: How do I place an order? You can order using our website ( Step 1 Signup by clicking the "Login/Register button" Step2: Check your email for your username & password.(Your username and your password will be sent to your email after registering).Use the username and password sent to your email to login into your account.You can change the password after you login. On the main screen enter your delivery address. Make sure you select the right city in the drop-down field,i.e;where you want to place your order.Now you have 3 options: 1. Order something from a restaurant or store: you can pick one of our partners under all categories.
  1. Send something (Errand service): With just a pick up point and destination, you can use a courier to send anything.
  2. Ask for something (Grocery shopping): describe anything you need to us and Ealivery will deliver it in a matter of minutes!
Follow the steps required for each option and once you're finished, an “Eaglet “(delivery rider) will accept your order,either call/text you via email/sms and deliver it to your door as soon as possible. Note:If you don't receive any call or sms  with 5mins after placing your order,quickly contact support via whatsapp: +233547867377/ SMS/CALL: +233505721688 What times can I place an order? We currently operate on Mondays to Fridays from 6:00pm to 10pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00am to 10pm.Visit our website to see which restaurants and shops are available in your area. How much does delivery cost? The price of our service is distance  optimized, so the closer the distance, the cheaper it is. 1.If you're asking for a "Courier"(Eaglet) to send something for you or pickup something:  calculate the distance between the pickup point and delivery address to see the total delivery cost.( 2.If  ordering groceries: Calculate the  point Distance between pick up and delivery address and to see your the delivery cost. Once the courier has bought the item, you'll know the full cost of the service. 3.If you're ordering from one of our available restaurants, you will know the item's price beforehand, and there will be a delivery cost depending on the  the distance. Therefore, before you confirm the order, you'll know the total cost of the ordered items excluding the delivery fee,which you will pay upon delivery. Is Ealivery available in my neighborhood? We currently operate in Ashanti Region, Kumasi-Ghana. We are looking forward to expanding into other regions and cities in the country and around the world. What can I order? You can buy and receive products as well as order for an Eaglet to run an errand for you within your city. Want us to go to the boutique for you? Need to buy groceries? Want something to eat? Need to ship a package? Forgot your pen or book at home... again?Then Ealivery is the right choice for you. Anything you want, delivered in a matter of minutes right at your door step. You can order anything except for the items listed and specified in our terms and conditions. What type of vehicles do Eaglets (couriers) use for delivery? And How big can my orders be? Eaglets either walk or use motorcycles or bicycle depending on the distance. We deliver whatever you want, as long as it's less 10 kg and fits in a box sized 40x40x30 cm. Why should I use Ealivery? Ealivery offers 6 primary value proposition : 1.Accessibility 2.Convenience 3.Low price 4.Speed 5.Reduction of risk 6.Brand/status Do you feel like eating your favorite food but have no time to cook? No time for running errands? Are you cooking but short of salt? Just ask for whatever you want and we'll deliver wherever you want. From food to groceries, presents or snacks, Ealivery delivers anything in your city ... Just order, we will deliver!

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HANBRAS(Republic hall)
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